Sunday Worship

Gathering for worship on Sunday morning is a central practice of our church.  

Because we believe that one's relationship to God is better than anything else in the world, when we gather to express our love to Him it is a time of celebration. The music is an upbeat expression of hymns and contemporary songs.
 We know that life presents many challenges and difficulties. Our worship services are designed to be inspirational as we help you discover the love of God which will encourage you throughout your life's journey.
 At Friendship, we want our worship to also be a time of preparation. We believe that the truth of God's Word is applicable to all experiences of life.The messages are relevant and practical so that you may better understand God's way for the issues you face on a daily basis.
We invite you to come and worship with us. Experience the joy of worship, the warmth of friendship, and the support of others who love God and care about our community.
Connections groups are a friendly, informal gathering of around ten adults. Studies cover a range of interesting topics that you can join at any time. If you haven't been in a small group Bible study before, relax, we try to create a safe place for you to grow in relationship and knowledge of God's Word at your pace and comfort.

Connections groups for children and teens are also taught by caring teachers at the same time, so parents can relax while their kids learn about God.